Solar Battery

GTS Solar Battery

The success of photovoltaic systems largely depends on the efficiency of its storage. Storage of renewable energy is a challenge as the electricity produced from solar panels are intermittent and batteries are designed especially for efficient storing of energy and provide power optimally whenever required. The battery thus used is to be suitable to withstand daily charge-discharge cycle and work even in partial state of charge condition and recharge at a faster pace.

GTS SOLAR ranges of batteries for photovoltaic applications have been designed to provide high cycling performance under tropicalised environment. These batteries are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality procedures coupled with an intense research and development activity resulting in improved technology to satisfy technical, environmental and economical demands.

Low Maintenance Tubular Flooded

The Tubular batteries manufactured by GTS SOLAR are many steps ahead of other available options in the market. The reasons that make this product a much superior performer lies in selectively chosen alloy, high pressure casting machines, in-house oxide formulation, imported micro-porous separators and vent plugs ensure a long life & reliable storage power solution. The combination of low antimony alloy in the positive spine and ceramic vent plugs keep the water topping up requirement very low.

GTS Solar currently manufacturing solar battery ranges capacity of 12V,20A to 12V 150A are matured product and are designed to serve its customers with guaranteed performance and long life.


Solar Battery

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